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---- RAP-Vario NEWS ----

RAP-Vario reverse vending machines now also at bft filling stations

Bft filling stations should be equipped with Rap-Vario reverse vending systems by the end of the summer.

The purchasing association of independant filling stations (Einkaufsverband der freien Tankstellen - eft) has decided to solve the problem of packaging returns at its filling stations. Itís not only the aspects of hygiene and customer service in the foreground, but also the chance to increase the number of returns which puts cash back in the till. Detection of the DPG security mark also means that only German deposit bottles will be accepted. In this way no more cash will refunded for foreign or counterfeit bottles.

---- RAP-Vario NEWS ----

--- RAP-Vario NEWS ---

Cash in the till!

Many of our customers are not aware that increasing their rate of returns actually puts cash back in the till. The reason for this is the VAT (Value Added Tax) trap. When a shop owner buys a bottle, he pays 0.25 euros deposit, plus the VAT on that deposit. However he only receives 0.25 euros from the customer including VAT. The shop owner therefore loses 4.75 cents per bottle. If the customer brings the bottle back to the shop, the shop owner gets both the deposit and the VAT back from his purchasing association.

A sales volume of 100,000 bottles per year, and a return rate of 30%, results in a cash loss of 3,325 euros.

If the use of a RAP-Vario reverse-vending machine can increase the rate of returns to 70%, the loss is reduced to only 1,425 euros.
If the return rate is over 100%, so that more bottles are returned than sold, a win of 0.0475 euros per bottle is made. For 10,000 bottles thatís 475 euros.

---- RAP-Vario NEWS ----

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