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The manual acceptance of empty returns is always a problem with drinks retailing. However our reverse-vending machines RAP-Vario offer you an efficient, and above all a clean solution which also stands out for its robust compactness.

The return of empty goods in retail outlets with non-packaged food.

When empty, often sticky, bottles are returned, e.g. to a filling station, the site of return is usually at the checkout or at a bakery counter. Both present a problem: one on hand a long queue forms at the checkout, since the employees don’t only have to refund the deposit, they also have to transfer the returned goods away from the checkout area. On the other hand, the acceptance of empty goods in a bakery is strictly forbidden. Both the Foodstuffs law and the Hygiene standard HACCP apply strict regulation to the handling of non-packaged food. Sticky bottles with residues and delicious freshly-baked croissants just don’t mix.

The return of empty goods is essential see VAT trap

Not to accept empty goods at all would be a costly alternative and hard for customers to accept. You should therefore make the best out of it with a follow-up business. Because apart from the fact that, for example, since May 2006 filling stations are obligated to accept all DPG returns, DPG packaging is on the increase (multiple-use packaging = less than 30%; 2007). It offers advantages due to simpler logistics, and has a better price to performance ratio on its side. Furthermore: “Trend” products are almost exclusively available only in DPG bottles. And their market segment is usually the free-spending younger consumers.

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