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The RAP-Vario is an intelligent solution that pays off. Beyond the technically optimized retrieval of empty packaging, it offers clear practical as well as financial benefits:

1. Increase in empty packaging return rate:
    More returns = More customers = More turnover
2. improves level of hygiene in handling of returned packaging
3. offers the consumer more convenience
4. binds the customer to the retail outlet
5. insures an accurate deposit transaction
6. increases customer frequency
7. provides total ease-of-use
8. Avoids the VAT trap

How do losses or differences of deposits occur?

1. When you take back fewer empty bottles than you sell, it
    costs you 0.0475 euros gross per bottle.
2. If your employees accidentally accept counterfeit or foreign
    bottles which look like German bottles it costs you 0.25 euros
    per bottle.
3. If employees miscalculate the deposit when accepting empty
    bottles it costs you 0.25 euros per bottle.
4. If your employees mistake DPG bottles for deposit-liable
    multiple-use bottles it costs you 0.10 euros. Multiple-use
    bottles are only worth 0.15 euros, whereas DPG
    bottles are worth 0.25 euros. The difference remains your loss.
5. Your service partner rips a sack on the way to the counting
    centre. These bottles can no longer be allocated to you and
    remains your loss.

It isnít unusual for large stores or filling stations to make a loss of several hundred euros per month.

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