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Small and compact, RAP-Vario machines I-III are especially appropriate reverse-vending machines for small to mid sized retail outlets. Despite their compact size, they provide a full range of functions, such as bottle retrieval, reading of the GTIN code and DPG security mark, refunding the deposit, or printing a refund receipt.

The empty bottles are collected in a standard PE sack or a RAP-container, which can be easily replaced. Containers for multiple-use bottles (glass bottles) conform to the AGW Verordnung der Berufsgenossenschaft (Safety Act) via a shutter function.

Hoppers are provided for two sorts of coinage: 20 cent and 5 cent, or 5 cent and 1 cent for glass bottles. A refund receipt can also be issued (available on request with the outlet logo). All units are modular and can be easily exchanged at any time

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